The rules of usage of services

1. General Provisions
1.1 These conditions applied to all services and tools placed on the page and related pages.
1.2 By using services and tools, you approve your acceptance of these conditions.
1.3 Do not use these tools improperly. Do not try to interfere in their work or use it in a non-standard way,
or break them. Use the services only for legitimate purposes.
1.4 The user is not granted intellectual property rights during the work with services. The terms of use do
not entitle the user to use the brand for their purposes.
1.5 The information can be downloaded, published or submitted by third parties to the service. Only third
parties are responsible for this information. The administration of the service is not responsible for the
context of information and the actions of third parties.
2. Responsibilities
2.1 The site administration doesn't take responsibility and gives no guarantees of the efficiency of particular services and tools.
2.2 The administration doesn't take responsibility for material losses of the user himself and third parties
that are related to the usage of
2.3 The user takes full responsibility for the actions and the result obtained in the process of using
2.4 The site administration is not responsible for the consequences arising as a result of service usage such
as lost profits, data loss, financial losses, etc.
3. Forbidden features
3.1 To use services for spam sending, spreading of the forbidden information, and other illegal
3.2 To use services in the automatic regime particularly using scripts and software without
beforehand agreement.
3.3 To use services if it could lead to any illegal actions or harm no companies, sites or any other
users of the Internet, etc.
4. Rights
4.1 The site administration has the right to save and use all the data that got during the using of
4.2 The administration has the right to use information that got while using the services, including in public
4.3 The administration has the right to suspend, block or delete any results of using service.
4.4 The administration has the right to make changes in these rules without any notifications. New rules
come into force since the moment it was published on the site.
4.5 The administration has the right to set up new services and suspend old ones without notifications and
the users' agreement.
4.6 The user has the right to stop using the Services at any moment. Also, the administration of the site has
the right to block the service at any moment if it considered as harmful for the company, site, or third
parties, etc.
4.7 The administration has the right to send letters if you are a user of the additional Services. The user can
refuse from such mailing.

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